Children wooden balance beams - a great way for kid's development

Nowadays, there is a wide spectrum of toys available for children to choose from. Parents always try to find the best activities for their children and often those are toys to improve the development of children.

If we talk more about improving the physical abilities of children, then balance beams are a great choice for children to learn how to keep their balance, improve their motor skills and coordination. These are core functions for a human to feel strong and capable to explore things around them.

The beam path can be easily assembled, just by placing the beams on the connector plugs, no need for screwing or gluing anything. And afterward can be disassembled very easily and stored in one place not using a lot of space. 

The beams are made of birch plywood, no plastic is being used. Thinking about how many plastic toys end up in the garbage and pollute Earth, the wooden version for toys is eco-friendly and sustainable.


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