New magnetic key holder - new design, new strength

These days almost everyone have keys for opening different doors. And it is a tool which cannot be lost otherwise often it can cause a lot of headache. These situations when you are leaving in a hurry to an event and cannot find your keys to close the door can be kind of frustrating. Being late because of not finding the keys may seem like a ridiculous excuse but it often actually is the reason of not being in time in places.

It is great that there is a great solution for keys to always be in one place - a magnetic key holder. The magnetic key holder can be attached to every wall in any room which suits the best for everyone's daily activities. Once the place has been selected it is just a matter of time to get used to that same spot where all the keys will be stored. The best option could be to place the magnetic holder somewhere near the entrance to always know that keys will be close enough when leaving home. 

What needs to be considered as well?

Firstly, it is very important that the magnetic holder looks aesthetic. It needs to be an item which complements the room otherwise it is not worth hanging it to the wall some magnetic thing which looks industrially and completely out of the interior. Well, no need to think twice that a wooden variation with the magnet embedded inside is a great solution. EWART WOODS has exactly what is needed - a new variation of the magnets mentioned before, all in wood, the magnet has been hidden inside on the bottom side to easier attach the keys. The hexagon key holder itself is attached to the wall with screws and dowels, it stays in place real sturdy and can be a great use as a hanger for bags as well.

It could be really annoying if the magnet would be weak and the keys would fall off all the time. Then the whole purpose of this kind of item would be lost. But there is no need to worry, EWART WOODS has made the magnetic design even more stronger to hold a lot of keys and even the heavier ones. Keys can be placed to the holder with one move and there is no need to think about them falling off. 

From the design perspective, magnet will look beautiful in your hallway. It is possible to get more magnets and think of an interesting look from them. There is three colors available, all made from natural ash wood. Simple and beautiful.

blue-gray hexagon magnet
dark brown hexagon magnet
wood magnetic key holder








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