Add spring vibes to your home by adding colors!

Spring has arrived and brings colors and new vibes with it. The natural world revives and reinvigorates after the colder winter months. And it makes people start thinking how to bring colors in their wardrobe, interior and mind. 

This time we want to encourage others to experiment with their interior by using different accessories, colorful ones. But what to choose? Which interior accessory could make your place bloom without making it look flashy? Of course it could be some decorative items to attract attention. But would not it be more convenient if the colorful item in your home could be useful as well. That would be a great combo!

EWART WOODS has something in mind to encourage you to play with colors in your interior - the colorful floating wall shelf can be the accessory which will revive your home and serve greatly for placing plants or photos on it. This can be a perfect way on how to bring color to your home. And even if the bright colors seem to be too obtrusive, black and white shelves are available as well and can be a great addition to your home. The shelves have a unique design which looks unusual. 

These shelves have an easy, hidden mounting system with screws and dowels which makes it very easy to put it up and change the location of the shelf. They can find its place in every room at your home. It can be a bathroom, living room or a lobby. As the shelves are from metal it could be a really smart choice for the bathroom interior as humidity can not impact the shelves

Do not hesitate to experiment with colors and make your home interior more colorful with these beautiful shelves! 


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