Here’s how a Wooden Smartphone Stand Can Make Studying Easier for Kids

Almost every child nowadays is addicted to mobile technology, and remote learning has increased their reliance on their phones even more. With a simple, adaptable, and entertaining wooden smartphone stand, you can assist make their usage of those devices more helpful.

Your child will find it easier to learn remotely or do their homework if their phone is held in place in an Ewart Wood's wooden smartphone stand. It's easier to use a phone in a vertical position, and they can focus on taking notes and completing workbooks with their hands-free.

A phone stand helps place the phone at eye level. When your child is not bent over a desk with their phone sitting flat on the surface, they will be able to maintain a better posture.

 Experts say that while slouching is prevalent among children and teenagers, gazing down at phones makes it worse. They also suggest that children are experiencing back and neck pain at a far higher rate than ever before.

It has been observed that children and teenagers bring their phones as close to eye level as possible, however, it is difficult to hold your gadget that high for an extended period of time. Put it in an Ewart Woods phone holder and lift it with a stack of books, a laptop stand, or a box, especially when watching videos or lectures. Take advantage of Ewart Wood's various viewing perspectives.

Last but not the least, parents can keep a check on what their kids are watching. It's easier to see what your child or teen is looking at when you walk by if their phone is held on an Ewart Wood's phone stand.

Ewart Woods’s Wooden docking station fits all popular mobile and cell phones. The bottom of these engraved phone standshas a decorative cut-out that allows your charging cord to slide neatly underneath.




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