What To Consider While Installing a Toilet Paper Holder

There are no specific guidelines for where a toilet paper holder should be placed in your home. The location of a toilet paper holder is determined by the design of your bathroom as well as the demands of the people who use it most frequently. Children, the elderly, and individuals with disabilities should not be asked to reach out and touch the toilet paper roll across long distances.

It's best to put a toilet paper roll on the left or right side of the toilet to keep it within easy reach. In some bathroom designs, attaching it to the front is possible, but mounting it behind the toilet is strictly discouraged.

Keep in mind the user's comfort

While seated on the toilet, all users must be able to reach the toilet paper roll. It's not simply an issue of convenience when it comes to deciding where to put a toilet paper holder; it's also a matter of hygiene and safety.

Twisting your body to reach the toilet paper roll could result in a torn muscle, completely topple an older adult who has trouble balancing, or cause a little child to make a mess when standing up to reach the toilet paper.

Installing a toilet paper holder on the wall opposite the toilet is generally too much of a stretch. Consider attaching the toilet paper holder to the toilet's side instead. For keeping a toilet paper holder close at hand, a sink with a cabinet-style base is an ideal alternative. However, in a small bathroom, the toilet paper may extend too far over the toilet, making it difficult to sit and stand without bumping into it.

This setup isn't advised due to the range of motion required to reach toilet paper positioned behind the toilet or hanging from the tank itself. You'll realize how awkward such a position is as soon as you pull a muscle in your shoulder, back, or neck.

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