Hight Quality Materials

Product Information:

  • Origin: Made in the EU, specifically in Cēsis, Latvia
  • Manufacturing Site: Produced in a small factory known for its commitment to quality and craftsmanship
  • Standards: Adheres to the high standards of production and ethics set by the European Union
  • Features: Our products embody the unique blend of traditional and modern techniques, showcasing the quality and innovation of European manufacturing

Certified Materials:

  • MDF Wood: Durable and smooth, perfect for any finish
  • Birch Plywood: Strong and elegant with a fine grain
  • Wood Veneers: Choose from ash, cherry, wenge, and walnut for unique character
  • Ash Hardwood: Known for its strength and resilience, adding timeless beauty

Finishes: Each piece is beautifully finished - varnished, stained and painted to perfection

Safe & High-Quality: We ensure all materials are top quality and safe for use. See the certification here

Discover the difference quality materials make in our products